Russian and RKF Ch. Pocos Katinka Lina

Import USA,  Im Ruhestand / Retired

DOB January 10, 2002 - July 16, 2013

RIP Tinky Winky... No heaven will not ever Heaven be,  Unless my dogs are there to welcome me.

We adopted
Poco's Katinka Lina around Eastertime of 2002. She was born on January 10th 2002. Katinka is a definable lapdog. She loves to cuddle up all day. She doesn't like to be alone and needs a lot of attention. Katinka Lina is also an enthusiastic Sock collector.

Katinka won first in her category at the Springfield Illinois Specialty (Puppy Bitches, 9 month - 12 month.) She is a winner of 8 CACs and is a RKF (Russian Kynological Federation) Champion and Russian National Champion.

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