Russian Grand Ch., AKC, FKC Ch Huang Kung Must Have Mustang

Breeder/Züchter: Annette Sonja Jesse, DOB  Juni 16, 2000,  Import: U.S.A.

Sire: Ch. Mr. George v. Tani Kazari

Dam: Ukai com Schloß Orlanda

----- Healthy Heart Certified -----

Unser Mustang hat uns 11. September 2016 uns verlassen. Er war über 16 Jahre alt. Er hat uns viel Freude gebracht und wir Liebten ihn sehr. Ruhr im Frieden

Our beloved Mustang passed away September 11, 2016.  He died at the proud age of 16 years old. RIP Tangster Man

Maybe the reason of why I love animals so much is because the only time they have broken my heart is when theirs stopped beating.

He is Huang Kung Must Have Mustang, but we call him just plain Mustang or sometimes Tang Tang. He was born June 16th, 2000 . He is pictured here as on the front cover of the August 2004 issue of the Chin Chit Chat.


Mustang is an American, Finnish and Russian-Club Champion. He also has aquired  his Russian Grand Champion title.


Mustang is a noteworthy Japanese Chin, deserving of his American championship. He received his finishing point on 12/15/01 in Bethlehem, PA under Judge Kent H. Delaney. I like to express gratitude to Judge Charlotte C. McGowan, Judge Allen M. Buckner and to Judge Kent H. Delaney for Mustang's quest for championship. Thank you to Judge Joyce Hudson for entitling Mustang Reserve Dog at the Tacoma National Specialty. Once more, a special thank you to Faith and John Milton for their guidance and support.

Mustangs Best of Winners Photo Oct. 13th 2001 at the Palisades Kennel Club in New Jersey


Mustangs reserve photo at the Tacoma specialty in June 2001

Mustang received his Russian Grand Championship officially on July 1st 2004. It is believed he is the first American-bred Grand Champion of Russia. In doing so, making the Huang Kung kennel very proud.

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